Lost your Fitbit?

Try Bit-Finder Geo

The original and only FREE Fitbit finder app

Updated for Fitbit Ionic

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Scan for your lost Fitbit, using Bluetooth LE to locate your device. Geo-Tracking and Out- of-Range notification, so you know the best place to start looking. 'Star' your device to enable tracking.


  • Turn off Bluetooth on any other phones that are paired to your Fitbit
  • Fitbit App "Always Connected" setting: Ensure this is off
  • The Fitbit Zip needs to woken up by vibrations, as it goes dormant when inactive
  • Try the laundry basket first
  • Temporarily uninstalling the official Fitbit app may help, as a last resort
  • Compatible with: Fitbit Ionic, Alta, Alta HR, Blaze, One, Flex, Flex 2, Force, Charge, Charge 2, Charge HR, Surge and Zip